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Our Staff


Patty Youngblood

Executive Director

The Exceptional Way is an amazing place. I initially came to serve as a consultant and Interim Director for six weeks when Cindy Skipworth, the original Executive Director, was out on medical leave. Cindy was as not able to return to work here, but in the meantime, I had no idea how this place would touch my heart. Even with 30 plus years of nonprofit experience, I had never worked in a direct service environment. Here, the impact you have is seen daily with the participants. The outstanding staff has an infectious passion for working with this unique population of adults with special needs. Working here is a joy, knowing that my work supports a place where these exceptional adults are valued, respected, and can thrive. The staff provides activities that focus on arts and crafts, life skills, exercise, recreation, and community life, all focused on improving the quality of life for these special adults. It is my honor to still be able to be part of this truly Exceptional organization.

Jodie Maharrey

Program Coordinator

The past 10 years, I have spent working in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, and I have seen the gaps in services especially for adults with disabilities. When learning of The Exceptional Way, I was excited and proud that a place like this would exist in LaGrange. After spending 8 years working in schools in Alabama, I am grateful to be contributing to my hometown in such a new and exciting way.   I am thrilled to use my decade of experience working with individuals with disabilities to help close this gap. I am excited to build a program that will encourage social skills, recreational activities and daily living skills.


Mary Beth Pelt

Program Fascilitator

As a multi-generation lifelong resident of LaGrange, I LOVE our sweet little town, and I am overwhelmingly grateful to be a part of building The Exceptional Way from the ground up as we seek to serve our clients and their families. I bring with me 10 years’ experience as a part of Troup County School System, and I hold immeasurable gratitude for the lessons I learned there. I look forward to the day I can welcome students I recently taught in elementary school as they join us at TEW. I believe that God has uniquely gifted each one of us and is going to weave together a beautiful tapestry full of intricate and specific detail during our time together. He created me with a heart for service that I daily strive to display.  It is my prayer that everyone I encounter is left better for having known the love He has for them that I get to share. Together with our clients and their families, our staff looks forward to the amazing things that lie ahead for The Exceptional Way. Stay tuned- greater things have yet to come!

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